About Us

Phoebe Pharmacy evolved from a small, in-house pharmacy servicing the needs of its non-profit parent organization in Allentown, PA to become a leading provider of comprehensive pharmacy services to facilities in seven Pennsylvania counties.

The evolution of our pharmacy has been driven by our commitment to innovation and our investment in technology to provide the best care possible to the residents we serve. We partnered early on with leading software companies to beta test eMARs long before they were common in long term care settings. Our experiences in project management and implementation have resulted in our ability to help new customers transition from their current pharmacy provider to our pharmacy with the least amount of disruption to staff and residents. We understand your needs; that’s why our pharmacist initiated model for eMAR is the preferred choice of most of the facilities we service. Phoebe Pharmacy is truly designed with nursing in mind.

In July 2013, our Lancaster location opened to better service facilities in that county. Most recently in 2018, Phoebe Pharmacy finalized plans to expand operations into Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, signing a lease for a third location in Colmar. Between the Lehigh, Lancaster, and Montgomery County sites, our staff services thousands of customers from 46 healthcare communities daily.

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